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 One of the efforts planned for the North Florida Genealogy Conference this year was to start organizing efforts for a Family Tree Maker - Special Interest Group (SIG). The purpose of the SIG would be to periodically meet in some central location in the Jacksonville Area to discuss and learn the genealogy program Family Tree Maker. 

Since the Conference had to be canceled, we are reaching out to the various Genealogy Groups here in Jacksonville, and asking their support to spread the information to their members.  

Our first steps are to determine the level of interest from the Genealogy Community, and to solicit opinions as to WHERE, WHEN and HOW OFTEN the SIG should meet. In that regard we have established two avenues for contact.  Please contact us via either our email address or send a request to join our Facebook Group.  

email list address:


Please provide input to the following: WHERE should we meet? (needs to be free and open to public) 

WHEN to Meet? (which day of the week and time of the day)  HOW OFTEN to Meet? Is once a month sufficient?

Best Regards,

Gary Inglish


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