Overstocked Genealogy Items

Due to space limitations in the SGES library, only one copy of each title is retained in our library for reference purposes. Any duplicates we receive are available to the public for a donation to SGES.  

You can search the list (simply use the Ctrl + F keys) of Available Books below, and if you find a title which you would like to own, use the PayPal button to donate to SGES.   
You also have the option to resort the items by Call No., Title, or Author by pressing the down arrow in each heading There is nothing you can do to harm these tables as they will always revert back to their original format.  

When ordering, please insert the book title in the comments section in PayPal

To do so:

 Highlight the book title and then right-click on the book title and select copy and then paste the copied title in the comments field in PayPal 

Overstocked Genealogy List

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Remember to paste the book title in the comments field in Paypal.